Eddie Bo: 1929 - 2009

"The world is a lot less funky, but heaven just got funkier. He touched a lot of people. God blessed all of us by sharing him."

- Mike Nelson
Galveston, Texas

A message from Ryland Towne (age 14)

Eddie Bo

Photo credit ~ Matthew / Baton Rouge, LA

RIP Snooks Eaglin 1936-2009

Eddie's Corner
I was saddened to learn of Snooks' death. Trained by The Creator, he was one of a kind - an exceptional guitarist - a one man band. His fingers were phenomenal in that he could go in so many different directions musically. When Snooks performed, in addition to hearing guitar, one could also hear bass, drums, and horn. Having that ability made him an extraordinary and irreplaceable musician.

-- Eddie Bo, March 1, 2008

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From the Vault
Here's more from Oct. 21, 1998 with Eddie, Snooks, and George Porter Jr. The vocals are buried in the mix for a few seconds at the beginning, but stick with it. It's worth it. A unique and amazing performance.

Check Your Bucket [5:15]

From the Vault archive

Eddie, adept in jazz, blues, funk, contemporary, fusion and New Orleans rhythm, was the last of an era of New Orleans piano players who exemplified the "junker style"
Eddie Bo.

Banner photo by Chris Ryan


WWOZ Piano Night 2009 dedicated to the memory of Eddie Bo.

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